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Our mentor cyclist will educate, motivate and keep you accountable.
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    Naveen Kumar Shivanna

    BE, M.Tech, MBA

    About Naveen Kumar Shivanna

    Naveen Kumar Shivanna With nearly 3 years of experience as a mentor cyclist,he did cycling events like GMC2012,GMC2013,GMC2014,TFN2013,Manli-leh2013,Brevet(200,300,400).He enjoys photography and have cycled around 25000 km in 3 yrs .. From the Naveen Kumar Shivanna himself: Cycling is one of the easiest ways to exercise, it builds strength and muscle tone, improves cardio-vascular fitness, eats up calories, improves heart health, & reduces stress.  Tips to cyclist: Stay Fresh, Take regular intervals while riding, don't stress yourself. On the Steep Climb Start at a steady pace and shift through your gears until you reach a balance between maintaining a decent cadence, about 75 to 80 rpm, and a sustainable intensity. Descend with Confidence: Stay loose when plunging down a hill. “If you’re stiff, you’ll be rigid and skittish. Get your hands into the drops to lower your center of gravity and put weight on the front wheel. On downhill turns, focus your weight on your outside foot and inside hand. This will help you maintain an inside line.” Don't dehydrate yourself, Have lots of water, eat Banana while you ride
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    About Tarun

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    About Rahul

    Rahul With nearly 2 years of experience as a mentor cyclist,he did cycling events like GMC2013.He enjoys Cycling, Running, Blogging, Travelling, normal photography and watching American TV shows ! and have cycled around 7240 km. From the Rahul himself:Cycling fits to my Eco Enthusiast attitude. Tips to cyclist: Cycling not some mysterious science. Just get on to the saddle and start riding Everything is on the job learning ! Check My Blog
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    Manjunath Rao

    About Manjunath Rao

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    Sushma gowda

    About Sushma gowda

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    About Iqbal

    Iqbal With nearly 2 years of experience as a mentor cyclist.He enjoys cycling, traveling, venturing out new places etc and have cycled around 20000 km. From the Iqbal himself:Cycling gives me peace of mind, meet more peoples, work out etc Tips to cyclists:Start the ride before sun rise in morning. A mild breakfast before 2 hrs of starting ride.
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    Abhijit Desai

    About Abhijit Desai

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    Yuvraj Metrani

    About Yuvraj Metrani

    Yuvraj With nearly 3 years of experience as a mentor cyclist, he did cycling events like GMC2013,GMC2014.He enjoys Cycling, gardening, musical activity, walking, reading and cycle's 300 to 400 km per month. From the Yuvraj himself about Cycling: 1.Feeling of Freedom and independence, 2. I like to explore my limits while enjoying travelling and sight seeing, 3. Long trips with less fuel. Tips to cyclist:To beat any gradient, spin on an easy gear; do not pound on heavy gears.
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    Ravi Nagaraj

    About Ravi Nagaraj

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    Mohan H


    About Mohan H

    Mohan With nearly 1 years of experience as a mentor cyclist.He enjoys Playing chess , cycling , reading and have cycled around 800km From the Mohan himself:To get fit and Be healthy you should do cycling Tips to cyclists:Protect your head ,Get a proper bike fit
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    About Venkat

    Venkat With nearly 1 years of experience as a mentor cyclist.He enjoys Cycling, Running ,Reading Books and have cycled around 9000 km in 1 year From the Venkat himself: I love keeping healthy, both physically and mentally. that's the main reason for cycling   Tips to cyclists: Wear a Helmet and  bright color clothing, avoid night riding,find the right frame size for your body, straddle the bike and stand flat-footed .Make sure your brakes are always in top-notch condition. Be aware of how weather and road conditions can effect your ability to brake

Levels Of Cycling

I Cycle! conducts regular cycling treks in an effort to promote the benefits associated with cycling. Our participants range from freshers, who last cycled in school, to regular cyclists and cycling enthusiasts. We want our participants to enjoy cycling. Hence, we have defined the different Levels of Cycling.
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  • have acheived something in cycling

    Shri Prakash Badi,

    Initially I was slightly hesitant to join this trip. But after the completion, I feel it is really worth and have acheived something in cycling. Thanks to I Cycle.

  • You make it so easy to do tough rides

    Nitish Jain,

    This was second time I rode with I Cycle group. You make it so easy to do tough rides. Your motivation, always eager to help volunteers, good photographers and of course riders are a great inspiration.

  • a little pain in tha ass..

    Jaskeerat Bedi,

    Dev-rayan-durga!! Long streches, beautiful(gorgeous) views, a little pain in tha ass.. but again you guys made my saturday worth remembering:-)

  • A brilliant initiative, encouraging and introducing people to the long lost form of transport, CYCLING

    Lekha Mohan,

    A brilliant initiative, encouraging and introducing people to the long lost form of transport, CYCLING. Hope you reach out to many more people and influence transport.

  • whole great, great, great experience

    Rajesh Sharma,

    Ass paining, body muscles soar, exausted to the core, with one leg out of function. But on the whole great, great, great experience. Sure to be a part of more events on regular basis.

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