Cycling event organisers

Cycling event organisers in Bengaluru

We are a team of cycling enthusiasts based in Bangalore. Having enjoyed cycling around Bangalore, we decided to try cycling some known Hills with the help of other cycling event organisers. So we cycled to Nandi hills, Himavadgiri Gopalswamy Betta and Kalhatty. During our cycling trips, we realized how much fun it actually is, to cycle amidst natures beauty. As a byproduct of all this cycling, we realized that cycling within the city, even for practical purposes like going out to meet friends, cycling to office or even just cycling, was far easier after managing the Ghat sections. Now cycling has become the primary mode of transport.

Now we want to share the joys of cycling with other like-minded people and help them appreciate its benefits. Hence we started the organization, I Cycle! to become one of the cycling event organisers in Bengaluru.

I Cycle! Is a concept. It is a statement of responsibility. It means, I am tired of seeing my City, my World, my Environment getting polluted and Cycling is my first step towards redeeming a little bit of what is left. Cycling not only influences the health, but it also reduces our carbon footprint. Another additional benefit is, handling traffic. With over crowded roads and never ending traffic jams, a cycle is the best mode of transportation to maneuver around these hurdles.

Among all the cycling event organisers in Bengaluru, ICYCLE has produced a team of cycling experts and enthusiasts to cover the largest crowd in the city make it ECO-FRIENDLY.

Having said all this, unless a person enjoys cycling, adapting to this non-polluting vehicle is a challenge. In an effort to make cycling a feasible option, we at I Cycle! are offering cycling experiences, through non-main road routes. The trail is from Bidadi to Magadi, via Manchinble Dam and Savandurga forest range. The package includes cycle, transportation of cycles to the start point, Breakfast, Lunch and nourishment’s to the participants. We are striving towards creating a mindset that Cycling is a realistic and practical mode of transportation, with a host of benefits attached.

Check ICYCLE events to know about our ongoing and upcoming events.

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