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ICYCLE.in is the leading bicycle solutions provider in Bangalore. With dedicated resources, ICYCLE.in is the only cycling organisation that offers turnkey bicycle solutions including cycling events, sponsored competitions, corporate tie-ups, brand promotions, bicycle rentals, customized rides, bicycle sales and servicing etc. ICYCLE.in owns and operates over 100 premium bicycles that are the biggest source of rental bikes in Bangalore.


The ICYCLE.in personnel have years of experience in providing bicycle solutions apart from cycling and organizing cycling events. The event managers, mentor cyclists, mechanics are dedicated to providing high-quality experience to cyclists. ICYCLE.in also owns vehicles that are customized to transport cycles and cyclists comfortably.


If you are looking for any kind of cycling experience or bicycle solutions, look no further than ICYCLE.in



We are a team of cycling enthusiasts based in Bangalore, it started as a novel way of stress buster by cycling within close vicinity of central Bangalore and then we decided to peddle our way outskirts to longer distances and scale a few hills to test our ability for a long haul. Soon we realised how much fun it actually is to be cycling and started wondering why not extend it and get more folks to realise the fun & benefits of cycling and not just stop at that but use bicycle as a primary mode of transport where possible to meet friends or to even go to office, making it a part of our daily lives. And so we started ICYCLE.in.



I Cycle! is a concept, it is a statement of responsibility towards society, nature and ourselves. It is our intention to create a healthier society, decongest the roads and reduce the carbon footprint. The growing trend of people owning bicycles, opting for bicycle as a mode of transport and the increase in number of bicycle theme based events in our society indicates that most of us now understand the importance and benefits of cycling. ICYCLE.in is striving to create a mindset that cycling is a realistic and practical mode of transportation with a host of benefits attached.



We believe – Cycling is fun, Cycling is for everyone.


Happy Cycling!!!


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