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ICYCLE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is a Bangalore based startup, catering to growing needs of urban cyclists. Under the brand name ICYCLE.in, the company offers unique cycling solutions. ICYCLE is the pioneer in bicycle fleet management with customized support system.

The original ICYCLE team was formed in early 2011, made up of rag-tag cyclists who had discovered the joys of cycling. The personal cycling trips were so much fun that other friends also wanted to experience it… and they too fell in love with cycling. Seeing this popularity among family & friends, ICYCLE decided extend this β€œjoy of cycling” to the general public.


Many of us have enjoyed riding cycles during childhood. The thrill of taking the cycle to school for the first time, is an unforgettable memory for most of us. Exploring the neighborhood on a cycle, with friends, will remain the most cherished of all childhood adventures. ICYCLE activities are aimed at rekindling that untold joys that we experienced a kids!

The ICYCLE events are specifically designed to help newbie cyclists enjoy cycling. The no-traffic, scenic routes outside the city, high-end cycles, complete support, etc… make ICYCLE events very conducive for beginners. Each trail is chosen after thorough exploring and recce.

ICYCLE has mapped out over 15+ trails around Bengaluru, ranging from BEGINNER LEVEL trails at 25kms to the ADVANCED LEVEL of 100+kms. All the trails are MTB friendly and explores the scenic outskirts of Bengaluru.


The needs of the modern cyclist have evolved considerable over the years. A flashy looking bike with gears is no longer the norm. Cyclists now look for design geometry, high-quality accessories, global presence, etc ICYCLE recognized this requirement & has a built a successful business catering to it.

Currently, ICYCLE is the leading bicycle solutions provider in Bengaluru and is part of almost all the cycling events that happen in the City. Most of the Corporate cycling activities in the City are managed by ICYCLE.


ICYCLE owns and operates over ONE HUNDRED MTBs, designed in-house, by the cyclists of ICYCLE. The MTBs, named BETTA and PARVATH are very popular for cycle hiring in the City. Very often, these cycles are deployed en masse for public activities in tourism heavy spots like, Cubbon park, Lal Bagh and Nandi Hills.

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